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ALICE: The Bot That Launched a Thousand… Other Bots ContentWhat is chatbot?Why are chatbots important?Craft Your Bot’s Voice & PersonalityWhere's the Data Coming From? Therefore, human-seeming chatbots with well-crafted online identities could start scattering fake news that seems plausible, for instance making false claims during an election. With enough chatbots, it might be even possible to achieve artificial social proof. They were commonly found on Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and other instant messaging protocols. There has also been a published report of a chatbot used in a fake personal ad on a dating service's website. Whatsapp has teamed …


Neutrality ContentFine-grained sentiment analysisCustomer serviceWhy is sentiment analysis important?Improving Sentiment Analysis Accuracy: These Aren’t Edge Cases ” The first response will be positive, and the second response will be negative. Now consider the question, “What did you dislike about this phone? ” The negative verb “dislike” in the given question will change the sentiment analysis of the text. Sentiment analysis aids firms in efficiently and cost-effectively processing large amounts of unstructured data. Polarity categorization is an important part of sentiment analysis. The overall sentiment expressed by a paragraph, phrase, or word is referred to as polarity. This polarity can be measured using a …


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